I was genuinely excited to discover today that (the famed) Bascom Jones’ ” Magick” is being re-released by George Robinson of Collector’s. The Complete Magick, Volume I [Bascom Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 10 Feb Bascom Jones (October 28, – March 23, ) was born in San in , Bascom put out the monthly publication Magick for mentalist.

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The Compleat Magick By Bascom Jones Partial Set (Volume )

With regards, Sean www. Join the Magic, Inc. By I bascom jones magick up asking. Again, has anybody who has serious concerns about getting Volume 5 by itself to complete an existing collection talked to Rich yet? It’s bascom jones magick irritating the way basco ad states specifically Aug 10, In the issues I have, there are one or two good ideas that could be fleshed out into something.

The new release are reprints of the original issues.

You’d have to make your case now though, it would bascom jones magick have to be agreed to and set up prior to the printing run for 5. There will not bascom jones magick any single volume sales, but complete sets only. Mystification Special user Posts. Silverking is correct in this being a “non-issue”, at jonew for me. The habit must become easy. Please enter your Email Address: The 4 volume set is – as far as I understand the ad – different from the bacom release. That was customer service.

ElliottB Inner circle Posts.

Bascom Jones

These will magifk ready in late Fall the site says October, but it is more likely November or so. The easy must become beautiful.

Considering the amount of money one had to spend to get a complete set this issue should have been addressed and set owners should have been given the opportunity to pre-order the 5th vol.

That may be an advantage. Open all other major holidays. I have several books and haven’t found a “gem” yet. In other words Volume 4 and 5 in the same binding. They offered a pre-order for those who owned the previous books so that they bascom jones magick mgick a copy with the same limitation number as the ones they already owned so they bascom jones magick have mqgick matching set.

Have you guys with the first 4 volumes addressed Rich yet with your concerns about Volume 5?

If any of the original purchasers ends up buying duplicate books, feel free to send them my way. Waters Inner circle Posts.

I haven’t purchased the original set and won’t be shut out, but I completely agree that C. Caliban Special user Posts.

Bascom Jones – Magicpedia

The point about vols. Sets of books often become unbalanced in bascom jones magick marketplace, leaving a publisher with a couple of hundred copies of one of the books volumes in his inventory that nobody wants to buy, while the other volume s sell on the uones bascom jones magick market abscom 5 times as much, or become impossible to acquire.

Greg One of my favorite bascom jones magick Items In My Cart: It should go without saying that I have no financial interest in these, but consider this a monumental set of books, that I don’t want to miss out on. Anyway, I feel let down and of course will not buy the new set. For those that have it, can you share some of your favorite effects from this? Aug 17, I was genuinely excited to discover today that the famed Bascom jones magick Jones’ “Magick” is being re-released by George Robinson of Collector’s Workshop.

KPPfeiffer Loyal user Posts. If George wants to sell the new editions as a set, which is what he bascom jones magick very clearly, then that is his choice and his right. The world was the source material for this publication, and with remarkable imagination, sensitivity and tenacity, its contributors investigated and challenged the concepts that surround our life.

The upside is that they don’t tend to leak methods. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL Login to rate or review this product. Sep 1, Aug 20, Rich may not joness be involved with this project, and the whole print presentation may not be the same as the original volumes. I also asked for years and even phoned from Germany once.