30 Sep A friend forwarded some more interview questions regarding MicroStrategy, but this time with answers. I’ve not checked the answers. Enjoy. + Microstrategy Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How many types the microstrategy license can be bought? Question2: What is a joint child?. 11 May Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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Users save time and take action when required Question A custom group is a set of special filters that can be placed on microstrategy interview questions and answers template. When it comes to creating the important applications objects such as functions, attributes, operations, tables, as well as hierarchies, the Schema objects are considered.

Top Most MicroStrategy Interview Questions and Answers Archives | SAP Hyperion Oracle Apps Training

In order to aggregate data at a particular attribute level, that attribute must exist microstrategy interview questions and answers an attribute. Materialized views, which store data questoons on remote tables are also, know as snapshots. Microstrategy follows an algorithm to calculate the logical size of a table, which depends on the no of attributes and quesions based on the table and also the position of those attributes in the system hierarchy.

That metric can be calculated across time and region. While establishing the relationship between attributes one can either look from business hierarchy point of view and the attribute higher in the hierarchy becomes parent of microstrategy interview questions and answers attribute lower in the hierarchy.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cache expiration is a process that renders a cache unusable by terminating its useful znd. Example include ApplySimple, ApplyComparison, etc.

A xnd connects text or an image in a document to a web page the target of the hyperlink. Consolidations are used to specify the data you want to view in your report. Any advantage of using microstrategy interview questions and answers over the other?

A qhestions view is a database object that contains the results of a query. Level prompts enable you to specify the level of aggregation calculation of a metric 20 Can Threshold be applied on attributes? The logical size does not depend on the actual data no of rows in the database.

Subsequently the requests made by other users can seamlessly hit this new intelligent cube. Q13 What do you know about the Narrowcast server in Innterview

MicroStrategy Interview Questions and Answers

When a report is submitted, these indices will be searched and once an existing cache is found in any nodesthe cached results will microstrategy interview questions and answers retrieved directly from cache locations in either the local or remote machine. This is actually one of the best features available in it till microstrxtegy. It applies the where condition to the query sent to the warehouse to retrieve the results intervieew Write different kinds of objects in Microstrategy?

MicroStrategy Web is designed to be stateless, so that each client http request can be processed individually without having to persist information within the MicroStrategy Web application. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. These schedules automatically trigger the report execution and place a notification message in the History folder on completion. In fact, all inner statistics of Intelligence Server are published to Microstrategy interview questions and answers Monitor and diagnostic logs.

In Business Intelligence, many times users have to get the information on their mails, or on the wireless devices. This is basically a trick question and is generally asked from those who have experience in Microstrategy tool.

What Are Logical Views? The above PMT is going to tell the engine which table to grab the data from for a particular year.

The Best MicroStrategy Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

What are report caches and how many types are there? Users or administrators can schedule creation or microstrategy interview questions and answers of Intelligent Cubes during low usage time periods.

To facilitate easy deployment and minimal maintenance, Microstrategy Desktop integrates with Windows NT and security and with Novell directory.

In this case to populate the temporary table we can use report as a filter. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server also provides scalability to analyze any amount of data, support for any number of users and a 24 X 7 operating environment, with robust security.

Object Manager can move just a few objects or just the objects in a few folders. Select statistics and define the what you want to log. In MicroStrategy Desktop, for example, a user may have to explicitly click on ‘Refresh’ to see an object change be reflected in the client application Question The formatting of the tables and data are preserved microstrategy interview questions and answers you export to these file formats.

Salesforce Lightning Training 5. Intelligent Cubes used by OLAP Services automatically inherit all of the security provisions of every report object used within the Intelligent Cube, and those provisions are dynamically applied to each user’s security profile when the cube is accessed.

If the owner of the source object does not exist in the destination project, the user login for the destination project takes ownership of the object when it is copied or replaced.

Other types of analysis include hypothesis testing, regressions, neural networks, decision tress, clustering and bond calculations Question Really its microstrategy interview questions and answers superb for new and who are preparing interviews. Yes we can use. Set up the Enterprise Manager. Intelligence Server is the central product that links all MicroStrategy microstrategy interview questions and answers to the data warehouse.

The Desktop interface will adapt and display only what this user is allowed to see. Murali September 18, at Within an hour, the installation and setup can be completed Question User level – Login and ID authentication ensure users have authorization to access the MicroStrategy system.