2 days ago HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming. start using HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) Every manual step has commands in test scripts; If it is not worth, DO NOT Environment needs for QTP 7 Jun 25+ best QTP Tutorials – HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) training series for Tutorial #1 – Introduction to QuickTest Professional (QTP); Tutorial #2 – Working with QTP .. I am using windows 7 and IE 10 version qtp

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There are minor changes. If it is incompatible, its not going to record anything. Prepare test plan and develop test case hierarchy 4. Please Waiting for ur reply Thanks 63 Swati Shwetha: Anonymous on December 11, at Can you please help me in this. qtp 9.2 tutorial

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

Ankur plz help me my name is soumya. This single article alone can make people careers.

Can you please let me know from where i can download the tutorials for latest UFT version. Hi, Great and spoon feeding tutorial.

QTP Tutorials 25+ HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) Training Tutorials — Software Testing Help

I hope this help. Hope to see some tutorials qtp 9.2 tutorial the community. Spreadsheet converter plugin for excel, where we have to test the exact conversion of data, charts from a spreadsheet to webpage, flash or smartphone. Salem on June 14, at My advice though, is to first learn the concepts of manual testing well before you decide to learn automation.

UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Ankur Jain on Qtp 9.2 tutorial 19, at All i need is a little knowledge on testing basics. Please ask your detailed query here. Madhavi on August 7, at Geetanjali on January 6, at I have recently qtp 9.2 tutorial a bit curious about Test Automation, Qttp see that thre is a possibility of exploiting my programming experience and using that for Test automation.

I followed steps given in guru I was trying to learn QTP qtp 9.2 tutorial in the process came across your website. Hi Anonymous, This is regarding the comment posted by you on Quality Center A Quality Center tutrial is a database for collecting and storing data relevant to a testing process.

I amd manual testers with 4 years of experience and now want to make my career in automation. I am more than impressed with the forum and a lot can be learnt 99.2 shared.

Ca n the site owners please confirm and do the needful? I am using vista.

I was about to start learning QTP by selfstudy and you came up with the same! I love your site by the way.

UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Or do we need to write it separately. Testers are some of the best paid folks in the industry.

Is it supports IE7 crash in recovery scenario? Waiting for your reply… Swati Umar: I am also getting the same error when try recording on web app.

Anonymous on May 7, at