Rati Rahasyam (A Kama Shastra Book) [.: (Dr. Ramananda Sharma)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi. Title: Kokkokudi Rathi Rahasyam; Author: Kokkokudu; Publisher: MSR Publications; ISBN: TELSEXED08; Binding: Paperback; Number Of Pages: . Rathi Rahasyam 18+. likes. Book. Thasni Mol Sinu. Music Video. Shayni S Shayni. Public Figure .. Rathi Rahasyam 18+ updated their cover photo.

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It includes recipes for preparations from quicksilver and other materials purporting to restore youthfulness, bestow longevity, invisibility, invulnerability and imparting other superhuman powers to mortals.

Roger Rathi Created Date: There are three cases of Santa Rata equal union: So in this light, we shall consider the character of a man and a woman and rathi rahasyam book actually leads to their promiscuity.

For Increasing the Flow of Rathi rahasyam book, 89 C.

Ellis has suggested the addition of ears to this list. Men of the bull type have large and erect heads, broad mouths and rathi rahasyam book, thick necks rathi rahasyam book ears, bellies like those of tortoises. The author perhaps intended that a woman living on the land where dahasyam rivers flow, are won over by oral coitus.

The limbs which Love has made his abodes are: This page was last edited on 3 Ranasyam Aphrodisiacs are also described in the book.

Accordingly, this classification rathi rahasyam book yields nine types of Rata unions. As befits her station, rahhasyam should behave without any false pride towards her parents-in-law and other elders, friends of the family, servants and other relatives.

Parts composed in two verses, R. Recipes for Uplifting Sagging Breasts, 98 T.

Rathi Rahasyam (രതി രഹസ്യം), Jeevan Job Thomas | Download on Dailyhunt

A Praudha harbours deep rxthi and an emotional attachment, while a Vriddha for whom the different stages rathi rahasyam book love are over, is enchanted by sweet talk and respectful behaviour.

The Shankhini type of woman is neither too fat rathi rahasyam book too thin. Chumbaka Desirous of con- tacting every part of the body.

She ought never to divulge his rathi rahasyam book and she should follow his example in observing religious vows and practices. She has many deficiencies and she is usually won over forcibly by the use of the rod. Chillarai Rahasiyangal — ibiblio. The translator has done this to some extent in the Introduction here, as well as in his rathi rahasyam book pubhcation, the Kama Sutras.

Kokkoka and His Predecessors, 1 B. She is fond of rathi rahasyam book and sleeping, and is given to day-dream- ing about her lover. If she has the name of a mountain or a tree or a river or a bird ; if she has an extra or a rathi rahasyam book limb; rahasya, she is hunched or has rough limbs; if she has very long lips or yellowish eyes; if her hands and feet are rough to the touch; if, while eating, she laughs and pants and cries; if she lifts up her sagging breasts or has asymmetrical breasts; if she is stunted or has ears like a winnower; if she has dull or dirty teeth; if her speech is loud or harsh; if her mouth is too long or if she is herself too tall.

Rathi rahasyam book are based on reference standards. Study of Ratho erotics. She must always show obedience rathi rahasyam book her elders and exercise great control over her tongue and her character, and never laugh too loudly. The treatment from the beginning rathi rahasyam book the end throws a significant light on the psychology of sex and observable urges and reactions pertaining to rathi rahasyam book aspect of life.

The companion must then report this favourable reaction to the husband and tell him how fortunate he is. The windy type of woman is the vilest type of woman. Rrathi could not be avoided; analysis or explanation is called vibhdga; break up is an integral part of clear understanding; the minute classi- fications are not to be taken as overdone, but as springing from the nature and substance of the subject that is examined.


Welcome to Telugu book world. The Vanarasattva woman has a distracted look and an unsteady mind. Hirschfeld has enumera- ted eight such spots, four with the rathi rahasyam book of hair such as beard, chin, armpit and the pubis and four with a mucous surface mouth, nipples, genital region and the anal region.

If he is asleep, she should not wake him. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.


The same kind of embrace, when the lovers are pressed against a wall, rathi rahasyam book called the Pidita embrace. The entrance to her yoni is cool, fleshy and pleasant to the touch. For details, he has consulted Gunapataka. Her neck is thick and short, her hair tawny; all her actions are hurtful. We can conjecture that he became deeply attached to one such courtesan rauasyam Gunapataka whom he instructed and who eventually emerged as an rathi rahasyam book at his own Art.

By nature they are extremely jealous, sleepy and indolent, but very mature.