9 May Sun Certified Java Professional(SCJP) exam is now Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP) exam. Here are the dumps in pdf. 19 Mar SCJP Topics Covered 1)NavigableSet (10 Questions) sample test 2) NavigableMap (10 Questions) If you need SCJP 6 Dumps, I can give it to you only @ INR OR $ 10 Selva wrote on 2 November, , Java Interview Video Guide – Special Discount Code ranga_pec, Oct 10, Replies: 3 ***Java Certification** Free PDF Guide – with examples.

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B Compilation fails because of an error at line Anonymous 6 June at Rahul Aditya scjp 1.6 dumps free 2012 April at Hello Thiru i am 20112 to take my exam on jan last week guys can u help by providing any ddumps about exam. Can someone please send me SCJP 1. I too need Dumps for java 1. Please send to me also pckumbar yahoo. Sushant Gandhi 4 April at So this doesn’t compile.


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Sorry for repeating the same age old scjp 1.6 dumps free 2012 question! I qualified OCJP exam using this dumps Fill in your 1. below or click an icon to log in: Hi, Im taking exam in dec end, will these dumps work for the exam. Are these dumps still valid! The code does not compile. Choose all that apply.

If anyone wanted reach me at athuld92 gmail. Vijai Anand 12 April at Hi, I will be taking up the Oracle 1.

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scjp 1.6 dumps

Lasal Uduwara 15 July at Hii all, please send me new OCJP dumps to email: Anonymous 19 February at Thanks Nitin for these dumps. Sir, Please send me more dumps of scjp 1.

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Scjp Dumps in pdf

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Newer Post Older Post Home. What is the Result Of this Program. Please send me on my mail at vseetha gmail.