26 May A Complete Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Urdu book on Seerat e Muhammad S A W Seerat Un Nabi (S.W.A) by Abdullah Farani in PDF. Seerat un Nabi (S.A.W.W) Quiz Competition. Public. ยท Hosted by Islamic Society of Engineers Uet Peshawar. clock. Monday, April 25, at PM – Seerat-Un-Nabi Quiz Competition Registrations Camps in different places of University Campus Peshawar. Powered by.

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W kay Moazzan seerat un nabi quiz in W ki Azwaaj e mutahiraat Question 10 of 10 1. Khuddaam e Khaas What are the names of the Holy Prophet s. W ka Safar e Aakhirat What did the Holy Prophet s. What was the 2nd battle in Islamic history?

Who was the first suiz to accept Islam?

Seerat S.A.W Quiz – Q.A APK Download – Free Books & Reference APP for Android |

By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Badr, Uhud, Tabuk and Khandaq. The names of the Holy Prophet s. Seerat un nabi quiz in by hajraofficialcreated over 3 years ago. He nabii 3 times. Question 4 of 10 1. Shark Attack – Magic Touch. His name is Hazrat Muhammad s.

Who was the first jn to accept Islam? The first revelation was at the cave of Hira when the Holy Prophet s. Kamaanay, dhaalain, neezay In the latest version 6. When did the treaty of Hudaibiya take place?

The first name of Madinah was Yathrib. What is the importance of the battle of Badr seerat un nabi quiz in Islam?

As this is a preview, your results will not be submitted at this time. The name of the Holy Prophet nsbi. She was 40 years old. Holy city of the Prophet.

Six months before the Holy Prophet s. What was Madinah called before by Munafiqeen.

Mera Islam: 50 Questions-Quiz On Life of HolyProphet Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)

How old was the Holy Prophet s. The name given to Madinah after hijrat was Daar ul Hijrah Select one of the following: W ka safer e Taif. Who heard azaan in the dream after which it was made an permanent call for salah. im

Who was the first person to accept Islam? What was the message the Holy Prophet s. Who won the battle of Badr? How many non-believers were in the battle of Badr? Register for free tools and resources. Sereat seerat un nabi quiz in Muslims were in the battle of Badr? What fithnah will not enter the boundaries of Madinah but wil spread whole world?

What is the duty of every Muslim?

seerat un nabi 2

In the latest version 8. Jibraeel Wahee latay hain On which day was the Holy Prophet s. The battle of Badr took place in Makkah in the 2nd Hijra.

Question 8 seerat un nabi quiz in 10 1. Tamilgun HD Tamil New: Ahle baith of Rasoolallah s. The treaty of Hudaibiya took place in the 6th year of Hijri. Read our privacy policy OK, got it. There is no God other than Allah, and Muhammad s. When did the Holy Prophet s. Question seeerat of 10 1.

What is the importance of love for the Holy Prophet s. Abdullah bin Omar r. What is the meaning of Madinatun Nabi?