1/4. The grey layer is iodine crystals If this is the case. heat the mixture at ° F for 30 minutes in order to free the contents. For OTC . Drug cookbook. uploaded by. Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. Pages·· MB· Downloads. @ Web site: nics. Uncle Fester Secrets Of. Uncle Fester Cookbook Papers and Research, find free PDF download from the original PDF search engine. uncle festers cookbook. uncle festers cookbook pdf.

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The police state goon squads and their lowest common denominator, pandering-politician mas- ters, have once again been exposed for what they are with this Fifth Edition of Secrets of Metham- phetamine Manufacture.

All pieces should be clean and dry. This will destroy any uncle festers cookbook free anhydride left floating around. After it is bent, he will blow through the tubing to make sure he did not melt it shut.


The purpose of this is to get the phenylacetone out of the feesters. While this flask is being bubbled, ubcle crystals already uncle festers cookbook free the uncle festers cookbook free flask are filtered out.

Then it is distilled, and some more methylamine is pumped into the mixture. The glass-packed claisen adapter is the proper fractionating column. Piperonal 4 kg Feee aim of the system is to produce a disarmed and dumbcd-down populace, a goal which is being achieved to an alarming degree. Magnetic stirring is not necessary at this time, but the ml flask is sitting in a large pan.

This bent piece of tubing then extends down through the center of the other condenser into the flask containing the formic acid. The very thought that home chemical experimentation might have some pur- pose other than drug manufacture has been ban- ished from the general consciousness.

Although phenylacetone can be stored in a freezer to keep it fresh, the chemist now pro- ceeds to making N-methylformamide, as described in the uncle festers cookbook free chapter. Within about 10 seconds, the odor of methylamine can be detected above the N-methyl- formamide. The brown methamphetamine- toluene layer is poured into a clean, dry ml round bottom flask. Uncle festers cookbook free the toluene in the distilling flask will foam up in the distilling flask instead of boiling nicely.

I use both pure sodium hypophosphite and electroless nickel plating solution as a source of sodium hypophosphite for this reaction. One liter ml of absolute ethyl alcohol is measured out. The heat is then turned down to sta- bilize the flask at a gentle rate of boiling. The flask is taken out of the hot oil and allowed to cool down.

Full text of “Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture Uncle Fester”

All items purchased should be carefully inspected during the drive away from the point of purchase. Because he began collecting it 7 degrees below the leveling off temperature, it con- tains a mixture of N-methylformamide, formic acid and melhylamine. The phenyl- acetone remains behind in the distilling round bot- tom flask, because its boiling point is about degrees Celsius higher than the pyridine and acetic anhydride.

N-Acetylanthranilic acid and its salts 40 kg 6. Now the vacuum hose is disconnected and the Buchner funnel, stopper and all, is pulled from the uncle festers cookbook free flask. Tired of scrounging around for pills a few at a time, and sick of those attempts to make them uncle festers cookbook free extractable?

The only way to remove them is to either burn them off, or mechanically scrape them off. Everything inside the flask has a much higher boiling point than the temperatures being used.

So the new precursors mentioned in this book could go on the lists of restricted chemicals at any time. The flask change is done quickly to avoid over- heating in the distilling flask. Maximum uncle festers cookbook free was lOOg in time needs ml ether.

With a little practice, it is easy.

Now the N-methylformamide is to be distilled again. If that does not do enough, the wet towel is put on top of the flask. Also, the reaction is being done considerably more concentrated than with the pyridine recipe, i. But when one does the procedure in different order that means adding diluted acid to freebase there cannot be any excess acid which must be washed out.

When it has cooled down, it is poured in a uncle festers cookbook free glass bot- tle and kept in the freezer until the next batch is feshers, when it is used for the production of Vookbook methylformamide. Ether is more expen- sive, and flammable. Methylamine is bubbled into formic acid to make N-methyl formamide. It has a unique but not unpleasant smell. The flow of ice water through the long con- denser is begun. The tempera- ture shown on the thermometer climbs as before.

Uncle festers cookbook free sep funnel is stoppered and shaken for 15 seconds. The surface should be rough and a good number of holes sliould uncle festers cookbook free poked into the paste for long lasting generation of HC1.

These methods produce more in less time, and they are cheaper. Five boiling chips are put in the distilling flask.

Finally, an- other 15 ml of solvent is poured over the top of the filter cake. The water can now be thrown away.

The top layer is poured into Uncle festers cookbook free. Dexatrim, and those mail-order white crosses, have not been made illegal. Teflon- coated steel is also acceptable.